Avignon-Pont du Gard

Take off from Nîmes-Courbessac Airfield, and fly over Rhone and Gardon rivers.

There, you will discover "l'Ile de la Bartelas", the bigger fluvial island in Europe. Facing you : "Le Palais des Papes". Both palace and fortress, the pontifical residence  sheltered six conclaves which led to the election of 6 Popes.

You will the famous "Pont d'Avignon", built in the 10th century. You will finish the overview of the island by the Philippe Le Bel fortress, both fortress and watchtower.

Then, you will fly for reach "Les Georges du Gardon". There, a wild and awesome landscape facing you : between impressive cliffs, you will discover the Gardon. This river begins from the Cevennes to the Rhône River, 127 km further.

Continue your journey to the famous "Pont du Gard". This three levels bridge, built in the 1st century, allows to the Nîmes acqueduct to go over the river. 

You will finish your journey by an overview of the ruins of Rocquencourt Catsle, almost fully destroyed during the World War II, and an overview of automobile circuit of Ledenon.  

Come back at your starting point after an awesome journey through time.

Discover the ancestral masterpieces of Avignon City

Flight: 45min - Total: 45min
136 chemin de l'aérodrome, Nîmes
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