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Cambodia - Siem Reap

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Be amazed by Angkor temples

Discover Angkor temples from the sky

Pochentong Airbase Opp, Siem reap

During this flight, you will have the opportunity to discover the archaeological site of Angkor.

At first, you will fly over the moat surrounding the monastery temple and will appreciate the beauty of this architectural jewel.

During your helicopter flight, you will also see Bakheng Temple. It has been the first one to be built on this architectural site around 900 A.D.

You will continue your flight to "Srah Srang", which means "the Royal Basin", a dimension of 700 m by 350. Subsequently, you will get a great overview of  the temples of Prasat Pre Rup, Prasat Ta Som and Banteay Samre.

You will conclude your trip with a glimpse of the Mebon temple, which has been built on an artificial island in the center of a  water reservoir, now dry.

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