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D-Day Landing Beaches

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Attend the 75th anniversary

61 rue Henry Farman, Paris

For the 75th anniversary, discover the D-Day Landing Beaches from the sky and relive the WWII history. 


Take off from the heliport of Paris, for a fly over of the castle of Versailles towards Normandy.


You will fly along the coast  and reach the famous Pegasus bridge.

This bridge is named in honor of the English paratroopers who had for emblem pegasus, the winged horse.


Enjoy a panoramic view of the D-Day landing beaches, including those of Sword and Juno.


Discover Courseulles-sur-mer which was the first harbor freed and Port-en-Bessin harbor  which was the center of a system of refueling for the allied armies.


You will also catch sight of the cities of Vierville and St Laurent-sur mer which were strategic points of the landing of the Americans during World War II.


The flight continues up to Utah Beach, the landing site on June 6, 1944.


In option : We’ll see you for an exceptional visit at the castle of Sully, where you will receive a warm welcome from our team there.


For the 75th anniversary commemorations, relive the D-Day history through a unique experience. 




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