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Real-time bookings statement

Monitor in real time your Booking and optimize your load factor for a better profit

Passenger's manifest complete

Find full information of your passengers to establish your weight and balance form or to automatically manage the postponement of a flight beacause of bad weather conditions.

Automatic postpone in case of bad weather conditions

In case of postponement for weather conditions, an e-mail and a sms are sent automatically to every passenger The client just needs to go to the planning of the website and book another slot.

Invoicing and automatic payment

Every payment made by a client does automatically generate an invoice All credit card payment are secured and all means of payment are accepted

Interactive dashboard

This dasboard gives the opportunity to monitor your activity in a very proactive way In real-time, different KPI’s are available - Turnover - Gross margin - Load factor - Turnover breakdown : By product and distributor.

Integrated international distribution networks

Helipass gives you access to its large distribution network, allowing to generate additional sales.

How does it work ?

During the registration process


Set-up your profile

Publish your calendar

Before the flight

Manage your bookings

Consult the list of the participants

Preview your gains

After the flight

Credit your fees

Distribute your loyalty points

Access to historical sales






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Thanks to the innovative Helipass booking solution, my reservations are automatic. I devoted myself to my flights and passengers without administrative burden



Too many phone calls and emails too. Helipass removed them with automated management of reservations. I save time and today I manage my activity directly on my smartphone

Romain Prud'Homme

Professional Helicopter pilot

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