Frequently asked questions

How to buy a ticket ?

Choose one of our destinations and you can either buy your ticket with a date or without a date. Then, you just have to follow the instructions

Is it possible to buy a ticket under my name and offer it to someone else ?

Yes, of course

How to choose a date if I have a booking code ?

You just have to go on the homepage of Helipass, enter your booking code and click on BOOK.

What is the validity date of my ticket ?

Whether you have a ticket or not : 13 months starting the day of the purchase of your ticket

How to extend the validity date of my ticket ?

You just have to contact us at : and pay €19.90 per ticket. So, you will benefit from a 3 months additional delay to make your flight.

Why do we need your weight ?

The weight of each passenger is mandatory in order for the pilot to calculate the weight & balance form of the helicopter

What about the weather conditions ?

Our operation department and the pilot do check the weather condition the day before the flight at 7pm. In case of bad weather conditions (visibility, ceiling, wind), you are informed by mail and SMS that the flight is postponed

What if my flight is postponed for technical reasons or for bad weather conditions ?

Your booking code is reactivated and you can reschedule your flight on the Helipass website.

What if you cannot make your flight ?

You can postpone your flight up to 3 weeks before the flight without medical certificate. If you have to postpone your flight less than 3 weeks before your flight, you must provide a justification (medical certificate) Beware that if you planned to fly with another passenger, the other passenger must make the flight at the date initially planned.

What if you did not receive your boarding pass ?

The boarding pass is sent automatically after the booking. Check in your SPAMS of your inbox to ensure it is not in it. You can also connect to your account at Helipass and print your boarding pass. Otherwise, you can contact us at and we will resend it to you.

What do I have to do the day of the flight ?

You must be at the heliport 30 minutes before the take off, for the check-in, with your ID and boarding pass.

Do I have to wear a specific clothing for the flight ?

No specific clothing is required

Are child allowed to make the flight ?

Up to 2 years old, the ticket is free and sit on his parents’s knees (To specify during the reservation) Once the child is 2 years or older, a seat is given to the child, and the price is standard.

Is it possible to take pictures during the flight ?

Yes, of course, you can take as many pictures as you want during the flight.

I’ve got a promotional code. How to use it ?

You hust have to book your flight following the steps up to the payment and then complet the box « promotional code ».

Is the payment on your website safe ?

Yes, it is. We are using the Atos solution for our booking system, leader of the secured payment in Europe for e-commerce and online selling