About Helipass!

Helipass.com is the booking platform for helicopter expériences. A « one stop shop » to disrupt the industry and open to everyone access to helicopter ride. With over 300 destinations, Helipass.com is the world’s most comprehensive helicopter databases. Helipass.com offers you tours, transfer and exclusive flights into one system making it easy to choose your next experience.

Welcome to Helipass, the gateway to an exceptional adventure! We firmly believe that exploring the world and sharing the beauty of our planet enrich minds and foster greater awareness. Helipass was created with this spirit in mind, a platform dedicated to sharing discovery flights and transportation through a simply fabulous means. Over 100,000 people have already had the opportunity to gaze upon magnificent places from the skies through our helicopter flights. While the helicopter is currently the first step, providing unparalleled low-altitude views, our vision for the near future is geared toward a more benevolent approach. Since day one, we have been committed to finding environmentally friendly and economically accessible solutions. In 2015, we pioneered UberCopter, setting off a chain reaction leading to the creation of decarbonized and silent flying objects, the eVTOLs (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing). Today, over 400 manufacturers are engaged in this radical transformation of the industry, all driven by the desire to make aviation more virtuous and accessible. At Helipass, we actively contribute to this major environmental challenge and the associated social issues. Together, we can share a new vision, guided by values of sharing and respect for our planet. We share a collective responsibility: to radically transform our future towards carbon-neutral aviation that is accessible to all. Thus, we can continue to explore the world and share memorable experiences, while preserving our beautiful planet for future generations. Join us in this fantastic journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive future!

HELIPASS.COM offers you tourist flights all over France on our most beautiful regions seen from the sky, to find directly on www.helipass.com. We offer quality services to users and have developed a unique and innovative sales and booking software. In 3 actions on the internet you fly: Choose, Buy, book and enjoy your tourist flight.

Our Aeronautics and eCommerce know-how drives our commitment to offer a dedicated market place for the Helicopter afficionadoas.

Airbus, HELIPASS.COM chose the #1 WWW Helicopter export company

By choosing Paris, HELIPASS.com has made the right choice

HELIPASS.COM is proud to announce its new division and results in 12 new hires.

HELIPASS.COM is developing its platform across the world with tailor made services for each client.

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